Tax Planning to complete your wealth
management journey

TaxesTax planning is yet another path to pursue to further help you achieve your financial goals. This may enable you to see results more quickly and reduce potential consequences en route to your goals.

By minimizing possible tax liabilities, you may keep more of your money. By paying less in taxes, you may also save even more of your money.

Weir Financial does not provide legal or tax advice. These topics are discussed in conjunction with your CPA, Tax Advisor and Attorney.

Tax planning options to consider:

  • Use tax-advantaged accounts and investments.
  • Manage the timing of your income and deductions.
  • Take advantage of preferred tax rates (capital gains, dividends, etc.).
  • Get the most out of your income.
  • Reduce your taxable income.
  • Review and monitor your taxes.

We can offer you the name of a CPA we work with quite often to help us help you manage your taxes.